Evening Evidences

This series is designed to help us respond to many of the doubters and skeptics of God and His Word, and to help build our own beliefs and the ability to defend them.  Each lesson will be recorded on the first Sunday night of every month and posted later that week on our YouTube channel and on this website.  If you are in the area, we also invite you to meet with us and hear this lesson in person.


Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
08/01/21 There Is A God Josh Welch N/A Sunday PM There_Is_A_God_Audio.mp3
07/04/21 Causes of Unbelief - Part 1 Josh Welch N/A Sunday AM 2021-7-4_Causes_of_Unbelief_-_Part_1.pdf Causes_of_Unbelief_-_Part_1_Audio.mp3
07/04/21 Causes of Unbelief - Part 2 Josh Welch N/A Sunday PM 2021-7-4_Causes_of_Unbelief_-_Part_2.pdf Causes_of_Unbelief_-_Part_2_Audio.mp3