Evening Evidences

God Exists: The Morality Argument

Series: Evening Evidences


We could spend a long time pointing out passages of Scripture which indicate there is a right and a wrong, a good and an evil, truth and error.  God gives us a standard of morality and when that standard is blurred it is a dangerous thing for an individual and a culture.  Yet, when a person does not believe in Christ, does not believe in Scripture, and does not believe in God, then how do they determine right and wrong, good and evil?  What becomes the basis of morality?


1. Introduction 0:00
2. The Moral Beliefs Of Atheists 1:50
3. The Irony Of Atheistic Morality 9:55
4. The Atheist's Conundrum 13:20
5. The Moral Capacity Of Man 14:15
6. Law Suggests A Lawgiver 20:25
7. How Shall Man Determine Morality? 25:30
8. The Real Source Of Morality 36:15
9. Conclusion 40:00