Evening Evidences

God Exists: The Information Argument

Series: Evening Evidences


Information must have a source.  The smoke from a smoke signal has a signaler.  The poetry from a Shakespearean play had a Shakespeare to write it.  The code on a computer has a coder.  The words on a cake imply a cake decorator.  What about the much complex DNA written in our genetic code?  This discovery came after Darwin's Origin of Species (1859), after the Scopes' Monkey Trial (1925), and is one of the relatively newer arguments in the origins debate.

1. Introduction 0:00
2. Information Must Have A Source 2:10
3. The Belief of Materialists 7:20
4. The Complexity of DNA 9:05
5. The Information in DNA 17:05
6. Laws of Information 22:45
7. The Source of Information 28:00
8. Conclusion 36:05