Evening Evidences

Biblical And Geological Evidences Of A Global Flood

Series: Evening Evidences

The Scriptures clearly teach the idea of a global flood.  Yet, some believers and unbelievers alike deny what happened in Noah's day.  Consider both the Biblical and geological evidences.

Introduction - 0:00

Biblical Evidences
The Depth Of The Water - 2:50
The Duration Of The Flood - 4:30
The Need For An Ark - 7:55
The Total Destruction Of Mankind - 10:25
The Universal Sign Of The Rainbow - 13:50

Geological Evidences
Fossils Of Sea Creatures High Above Sea Level - 17:35
Rapid Burial Of Plants - 21:00
Rapidly Deposited Sediment Layers Across Vast Areas - 26:00
Sediment Transported Long Distances - 29:00
Rapid Or No Erosion Between Strata - 30:25
Rocks Bent, Not Broke - 33:15
Conclusion - 37:05