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Our work and worship is simple. We will only practice what we can find in the New Testament scriptures. If what we are doing cannot be found in the scriptures, we will gladly give it up.....

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Our Theme For 2022

Each year at Anderson, we choose a focus for spiritual growth. This overarching theme generally addresses an area of need within the congregation and community and serves as a general guideline for our sermons and Bible classes throughout the year. There are so many issues facing us on a daily basis. Yet, maybe many of the moral and cultural controversies we face are really symptoms of a much deeper, fundamental problem. The foundations of the home, nation, and the church are crumbling and the footers need to be repoured so we can start with a better foundation. We need to get back to first principles. With this in mind, this year, our theme is:



Sunday Evening Monthly Series

1st Sunday - Evening Evidences
2nd Sunday - Guest Speaker
3rd Sunday - Q&A
4th Sunday - Singing


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