Our Mission

We are interested in all souls regardless of gender, ethnic background, or religious creed. We believe all can study the Bible and come to a common understanding of what God has said through His Son. We encourage you to do this and if you have questions concerning your study or what we have written here, please contact us so that we can search the Scriptures and find God’s answer!

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Anderson Church of Christ

**Please note our meeting times have changed due to COVID-19**

Are you tired of all the denominational division?  Are you frustrated with social clubs that claim to be the church?  

Are you confused by teaching from men, that claims to be from God?  Maybe it’s time you came home.  You DO have a choice.  Why not drop the divisive names and doctrines, pick up your New Testament, and just be a Christian?

If you’re looking for the 1st century church in the 21st century, check out the Anderson church of Christ.

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