What is Premillennialism?

Series: Q&A


The term “Eschatology” refers to “A branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history of the world or of humankind” (Meriam Webster Dictionary).  Any time there is a world crisis, major tragedy, or a natural disaster many start speaking about how we are nearing the “Last days” or “the Great Tribulation” or the signs preceding the rapture, etc.  In other words, people start making eschatological arguments.
Each view of end times has its own intricacies and differences.  Each school of thought has its own divergent views.  Premillennialism is no different.  Thus, this will be a broad and general overview of the basic tenets held by premillennialists and we will conclude by contrasting the Scriptural teaching on the subject.

Introduction 0:00
Basic Claims And Tenets 5:55
A Biblical Response 18:45