Bible Classes

If you should visit the Anderson church of Christ, you will find that we have organized Bible classes for all ages.  The age groups vary somewhat from time to time to properly combine the ages and abilities of the students involved, but the classes are generally grouped as follows:

* Preschool
* First and Second grade
* Third through Fifth Grade
* JR High and High School

Our teachers are dedicated members of the church whose only interest is developing the Bible knowledge and spiritual growth of the students according to their ability.  The classes are planned to provide an overview of the Bible in a three year time period.  As the students progress through the entire range of classes they will be presented with this overview three to four times, each time in greater depth as the student’s age and ability to comprehend grows.  Spiritual application abounds even in the youngest classes because our emphasis is not on crafts and entertainment but on teaching the word of God.

We also have a challenging class for adults.  This class is a  contextual study of the Bible generally using The New Testament scriptures on Sunday morning.  The format of the Wednesday evening class varies between Old Testament material and specific subject material needed for spiritual growth and knowledge.

We encourage you to visit, study, and learn with us.  Together we can understand what God would have us to do to please Him, accept His Son as our Savior, and anticipate an eternal home in His presence.