If The Foundations Are Destroyed...

Series: Foundations


We do not know the exact situation surrounding David’s 11th psalm.  However, we do know, whatever the situation was, there was a spoken and unspoken pressure for David to cave in to his attackers and persecutors for the sake of safety and security.  Likewise, there is a lesson to be learned from David’s stance.  The enemy is attacking God’s people and every God-ordained institution on earth.  What should be the Christian’s response?  We must remember the foundations of each of the God-founded institutions and stand up for what God built and stand against those who would alter what God has ordained.

1. Introduction - Psalm 11 0:00
2. The Foundation Of The Family 12:20
3. The Foundation Of Civil Government 19:30
4. The Foundation Of The Church 29:25
5. The Foundation Of The Individual 32:40
6. Conclusion 38:15