Sermons - 2021

Baptism - Part 2: What Is Wrong With Denominational Baptism?

Series: Baptism


The word "Baptism" is used in many different ways in modern English and defined so broadly.  Because of this, we may tend to think any kind of "Baptism" is sufficient.  Instead of allowing today's culture to define it we need to let God define and impress upon our hearts what is acceptable.

1. Introduction 0:00
2. It Has The Wrong Action 1:55
3. It Has The Wrong Applicant 6:10
4. It Has The Wrong Authority 10:35
5. It Has The Wrong Amount 14:15
6. It Has The Wrong Aim/Purpose 17:30
7. It Has The Wrong Additions/Formulas 24:00
8. It Has The Wrong Attitude 28:35
9. Does It Really Matter? 35:45

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