Mid-Week Encouragement - 2021

Date Title Speaker Series Service Files Play
12/01/21 Gospel - The Good News Jim Cassity N/A Wednesday PM Gospel_-_The_Good_News_Audio.mp3
11/24/21 Hit The Brakes Vernon White N/A Wednesday PM Hit_The_Brakes_Audio.mp3
11/17/21 Are You Prepared For What's Ahead? Loren Clouse N/A Wednesday PM Are_You_Prepared_For_Whats_Ahead_Audio.mp3
11/10/21 God's Protection For You Josh Welch N/A Wednesday PM Gods_Protection_For_You_Audio.mp3
11/03/21 Step Onto The Battlefield Brandon Adkins N/A Wednesday PM Step_Onto_The_Battlefield_Audio.mp3 Step_Onto_the_Battlefield_PDF.pdf
10/27/21 A Living Sacrifice Mike Dodson N/A Wednesday PM A_Living_Sacrifice_Audio.mp3
10/20/21 Your Words Matter Russell Hiatt N/A Wednesday PM Your_Words_Matter_Audio.mp3
10/13/21 Practice Makes Perfect Ben Martin N/A Wednesday PM Practice_Makes_Perfect_Audio.mp3
10/06/21 Neither Hot Nor Cold Dennis Faivor N/A Wednesday PM Neither_Hot_Nor_Cold_Audio.mp3
09/29/21 Enduring Trials Doug Boring N/A Wednesday PM Enduring_Trials_Audio.mp3
09/22/21 How Do You Use Your Gift? Robert Hartian Love, Hospitality, & Service Wednesday PM How_Do_You_Use_Your_Gift_Audio.mp3
09/15/21 We Are Too Busy Josh Welch N/A Wednesday PM We_Are_Too_Busy_Audio.mp3
09/08/21 Keeping Your Word Dennis Faivor N/A Wednesday PM Keeping_Your_Word_Audio.mp3
09/01/21 Maintain Good Works Brock Dodson N/A Wednesday PM Maintain_Good_Works_Audio.mp3
08/25/21 Emptying The Cup Christian Hubble N/A Wednesday PM Emptying_The_Cup_Audio.mp3
08/18/21 Take Back Control Vernon White N/A Wednesday PM Take_Back_Control_Audio.mp3
08/11/21 Enduring Happiness - Psalm 1 Josh Welch N/A Wednesday PM Enduring_Happiness_Audio.mp3
08/04/21 Walking In Confusion Sam Arnold N/A Wednesday PM Walking_In_Confusion_Audio.mp3
07/28/21 Which Treasure Are You Storing Up? Mike Dodson N/A Wednesday PM Which_Treasure_Are_You_Storing_Up_Audio.mp3
07/21/21 Why You Should Be A Follower of Jesus Christ Sam Welch N/A Wednesday PM Why_You_Should_Be_A_Follower_of_Jesus_Christ_-_Audio.mp3
07/14/21 From Nothing To Something Nolan Clouse N/A Wednesday PM From_Nothing_To_Something_Audio.mp3