In Luke 12:22-33, Jesus cut right to the heart of the matter in addressing one of the major problems of mankind—worry and anxiety. In this short space let’s briefly note His teaching.

He begins in verse 22 by simply stating “do not” be this way. But He doesn’t stop there. In verse 23, He points out that usually we’re worrying about the wrong things. Our per­spective is skewed. In verse 24, He tells believers to consider their relationship with God and do two things: 1) Think their way through this situation, and 2) learn to see them­selves correctly and value themselves the way God does.

In verses 25-27, He points them to nature and forces them, and us, to draw some question­ing conclusions. Ask yourself, what is accomplished by anxiety? And is God’s way the best way? When you can honestly answer these two questions, then what is there left to worry about?

In verse 28, Jesus identifies the real problem. It is NOT that one is about to be overwhelmed by something, NOR is it that no one cares or will help. Jesus says the problem is that the one who is anxious lacks faith. He just doesn’t believe His God is big enough or strong enough or loving enough to take care of him. How embarrassing should that thought be to Christians who worry! You claim Jesus as your Lord, but then don’t trust Him to care for you, so you have to worry yourself about things.

In verse 32, Jesus again breaks it down for us. The problem is fear. You see, faith and fear cannot live in the same heart. If we have faith as a child of God that our Father knows what we need and will provide for those needs, we cannot fear those needs will be unmet. In verses 33-34, basically we are told to count your blessings.

Wow, worry and anxiety are dead giveaways. They reveal that the worrier is afraid and lacks faith in God. Just as a child has no fear in the arms of their parent, the child of God has no fear as they are carried by their Heavenly Father. If there IS fear, if faith IS lacking, then that should be addressed, not excused. By counting our blessings and thinking rightfully about our own self-worth and our relationship with an all powerful Creator and a Savior who loves us deeply, anxiety should be able to be defeated. Phi­lippians 4:6-7 is a promise of peace for the worry-wart who adds prayer to the above formula. Save yourself the cost of prescriptions and $135 per hour counseling fees and listen to THE Counselor. Put your worries aside.